BLISS Seminar


The BLISS seminar (formerly NCD seminar) is the area seminar of the Berkeley Laboratory for Information and System Sciences. Talks at the seminar cover topics including but not limited to information and coding theory, signal processing, optimization, statistics, and control. The list of talks for the current semester can be found below, and past seminars from 2016 onwards are listed here. For an archive of all talks from 1996-2015, visit the old webpage.

A calendar of all the talks from is maintained here. Feel free to add it to your own.

Spring 2020
Location: 400 Cory Hall
Regular seminar time: Wednesday 3-4PM

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To give a talk at the seminar, contact Tom Courtade, Vipul Gupta, or Ashwin Pananjady.

Spring 2020 Talks

Dates marked in bold indicate that talks are at non-regular times/venues.

Feb 11 Siva Theja Maguluri (Georgia Tech) Finite Sample Convergence Bounds of Off-Policy Reinforcement Learning Algorithms details
Feb 12 Krishnakumar Balasubramanian (UC Davis) Normal Approximations for Stochastic Iterative Estimators (and Martingales) details
Feb 19 Alon Kipnis (Stanford) Two-sample Problem for High-Dimensional Multinomials and Testing Authorship details
Feb 26 David Tse (Stanford) Blockchains, branching random walks and the number e details
Feb 28 Aly El Gamal (Purdue) Information Theory and Deep Learning for Future Wireless Networks details
Mar 4 David Hong (UPenn) Understanding Parallel Analysis Methods for Rank Selection in PCA details
Mar 11 Aaron Wagner (Cornell) What Hockey Teams and Foraging Animals Can Teach Us About Feedback Communication details
Mar 25 Spring break
April 1 Haipeng Luo (USC)
April 8 Zhizhen Zhao (UIUC)
April 15 Tsachy Weissman (Stanford)
April 22 Wen Sun (MSR)
April 27 Salman Avestimehr (USC)
May 6 Philippe Rigollet (MIT)